Adoption is life changing for adults and children. It’s a big decision, so no matter what stage you are at with your thinking, speak to us on the phone and come along to one of our information events so we can start to answer some of your questions and help you to consider your route to adoption.

There are a number of routes that people take when wishing to adopt a child but most of the enquiries we deal with will be for our mainstream routes to adoption.

Here is an outline of the adoption process:

  • Attend information event to find out more
  • Complete expression of interest form
  • Initial visit from an adoption social worker
  • Submit your formal registration of interest
  • Start stage one training and assessment
  • Progress to stage two assessment
  • Attend an adoption panel
  • Approved as suitable to adopt
  • Matched with a child/ren
  • Child/ren placed with you
  • Adoption Order made by the court - legally you are now parent to the child/ren

However, there are some other types of adoption.

Early Permanence Placement (EPP)

Where there is the likelihood that a child may become adopted, then an Early Permanence Placement (EPP), often known as ‘fostering for adoption’, is considered.

Early permanence placements allow approved adopters to be (temporary) foster carers for the children they are likely to adopt.

An EPP offers benefits to the child as it:

  • minimises waiting time before they are placed with their 'permanent' family
  • reduces the number of carers they have while waiting to be placed
  • allows strong relationships to be formed at the earliest opportunity
  • means they don't have to move on from a foster carer after forming an attachment
  • allows families to share the earliest days of the child's life (as many 'fostered for adoption' children are young babies)

Early Permanence Placement process

As part of the assessment process, your adoption social worker can help you decide whether EPP is something you want to undertake, and will explain the process to you.

They will also make you aware of special considerations relating to very young children, such as the uncertainty about their future development, given their previous circumstances, and how decisions made by a court could mean fostered children are returned to their birth parents (or a relative of the child).

Other routes, if you are interested in adopting:

  • The child you are fostering - please contact your social worker
  • Your partner’s child - please contact your local authority's children's services
  • A child from overseas - please contact the Yorkshire Adoption Agency

Your route to adoption with us will be personal to you. We will make sure you are listened to and supported at all times, and will ensure that you always have all the information that you need to enable you to take the next steps: just call us or make an enquiry using the contact details below.

See below for a PDF download of our brochure - The Step By Step Adoption Process.