We feel the best people to tell you what adoption is really like are people who have already been on their own adoption journey. Here are some adoption stories from real families who have adopted in the One Adoption area. Every story is different and unique, as yours will be too, so read on to learn about the process, assessment and matching from the real experts! 

(These stories are taken from real interviews with adopters but the names have been changed and stock photos used.)

Single adopter Sarah proves there are no barriers to adopting siblings once you set your mind to it. Here she shares her story to happiness.
Kate and Liz live at home with their two adopted children and dog Bob. This is their story.
Two years after adopting their son Ben, Liam and Nick welcomed half-sibling baby Jodie into their home to complete their family.
Samantha is passionate about adoption, having been adopted herself. Aged 41 and single, living with her mum and dad, she adopted a baby through Early Permanence Placement.
Annie and Bob got the family they always wanted when they adopted three sisters. When serious illness struck, Annie 30 and Bob 31 were forced to halt the adoption process and reconsider their options. They decided to adopt three sisters and embrace family life full on.
Welcome to the house of fun!  Kate 47 and Alfie 54 had always wanted more than one child and after exhausting fertility treatment chose to adopt two brothers to create an instant family and a house full of fun. Four years on they share their sibling adoption journey.
Melanie and Pete had hoped to have their own children but after IVF was unsuccessful, decided to go along to a local adoption information event.
Liam and Nick have been in a relationship for seven years. In the early days they didn’t really discuss having children, but as their family and friends began to start families they became the go-to babysitters, and an idea became a reality.