Being adopted is life changing, and whilst many find it to be a wholly positive experience, there are also challenges which adopted people face. Some adults who were adopted as children may struggle with certain issues from time to time and might benefit from some extra help and support, or even just a chance to meet and chat with someone who has also been adopted.

In the Yorkshire and Humber area, support for people who have been adopted can be accessed through our partners PAC-UK.

Support for young adopted people

Here at One Adoption we have a number of support groups which help teenagers and young adults to meet other adopted young people. To find out what is available in your area please speak to your social worker or call our advice line – 0345 305 2576 (North and Humber) or 0113 378 3535 (West Yorkshire).

You might also be interested in joining the Adopteens  group which is organised by PAC-UK for adopted young people who are 11 to 18 years old in the Yorkshire and Humber area. The young people can access a chat line, attend activity events and be part of a Youth Council. The Adopteens Youth Council also acts as a ‘voice’ for young adopted adults throughout the wider adoption community by speaking at events and sharing the views of their peers.

There is also lots of useful advice for adopted young people in our leaflet. This includes advice on contacting birth relatives, support and social media.

Support for adults adopted as children

People who were adopted when they were children and feel they may need some extra support or advice can contact PAC-UK who provide a specialist counselling service for adult adoptees.

Accessing adoption records and contacting birth family

PAC-UK can also help and support people who were adopted as children to access and understand their adoption files. They also offer a search and intermediary service to find birth relatives, within relevant legislation. 

To find out about all the services offered by PAC-UK in your area, please call their advice line on:
0113 230 2100, which is available Monday, Thursday and Friday 10.00am-1.00pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 4.00pm-7.00pm (excluding bank holidays).