Financial Support in Adoption FAQs (West Yorkshire)


Adopting a child is an incredible experience that enriches your family life. As with any journey to parenthood it is important to consider the financial impact as you prepare to welcome a new member into your home. At One Adoption West Yorkshire we can provide some financial support to help make the transition smoother. Your social worker will discuss what support may be available with you, and during initial planning meetings, we’ll explore any additional assistance you might need.  

To help you navigate this process, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions. However, if your question isn't answered here or you have specific concerns, please speak to your social worker or contact the advice line.

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Can I receive financial help for initial expenses like bedroom furniture or clothing?

We understand the importance of preparing your home for your new child. However, we typically do not cover the costs of setting up a child’s new room or purchasing equipment, unless children are placed at the same time as part of a sibling group. In such cases, we offer £350 for two siblings and £700 for three. 
If you're facing unique challenges that require financial assistance for a single child's placement, please discuss this with your social worker or family finder.

What if my child is placed under Early Permanence (EP)?

If your child is placed under an Early Permanence fostering relationship, the costs for purchasing equipment will be paid by the fostering team.

Can I get reimbursed for travel expenses?

We can cover travel expenses beyond the first 50 miles at 25p per mile during the introduction period. This rate applies regardless of fuel type. To claim this, you will need to keep a log of your journeys and the reasons for the trip.

What about if I do not drive or it is cheaper to take a train?

We encourage people to use the most appropriate travel option and recommend people to book any trains in advance as this can be cheaper.  Receipts are required to claim for any public transport costs.

Can I claim if I have to stay in a hotel?

For families living outside West Yorkshire, you might need to stay locally during introductions. This needs to be pre-approved by your social worker during planning meetings.  We can contribute up to £75 per night towards your stay.  We encourage you to stay in self-catering accommodation where possible and to book in advance. Remember to keep all receipts,  and note that expenses above £75 per night will not be covered.

Can I claim for food and drink during introductions?

We appreciate that there may be some extra expenses on food and drink whilst travelling during introductions and we encourage adopters to plan ahead by packing lunch where needed or taking a flask for tea/coffee.  
If you live outside of West Yorkshire and do need to claim for financial support towards additional food and drink costs, then we can contribute up to £10 per adult per day and up to £7.50 per child for existing family members joining you.  Please note that this is only for children who are already part of your family. Receipts will need to be submitted clearly showing the date of purchase and items listed.
However, expenses for the child being adopted are not covered during introductions. 
We are unable to pay towards alcohol, household items and clothing purchased during introductions.

What about grocery shopping in self-catering accommodation?

Grocery costs incurred in self-catering accommodation are considered part of normal living expenses and are not reimbursable.

Can I claim for activities during the introductions?

We suggest low-key activities focused on bonding with your child rather than exciting trips as this time is about getting to know your child. Expenses for activities are generally not covered unless specifically agreed upon during planning.

What about the adoption order application fee?

You can reclaim the £201 fee for the adoption order application once submitted to court.

Is financial support available during adoption leave?

Most people are eligible for adoption leave pay from their employer, and we recommend discussing this with them early in the process.   
If you are self-employed, you are not entitled to statutory adoption pay. However, individual local authorities have the responsibility to consider supporting adopters in these circumstances, subject to a financial assessment.  If this is the case, then please speak to your social worker early to discuss how to apply.

Can I apply for child benefit or other state benefits?

You may also be eligible to claim child benefit and/or child tax credit from when your child moves to live with you. Visit for more information.

Will I receive an ongoing adoption allowance?

An adoption allowance may be available for some children, assessed and agreed upon at the time of their adoption plan being made. This is subject to a means test and is time-limited, paid by the child's Local Authority.

What if my financial situation changes post adoption?

If you face financial hardship affecting your child's welfare after the adoption order, please contact us. One Adoption West Yorkshire will assess the need for support, including financial assistance. Decisions to provide financial support will be made by the relevant Local Authority.

What if I’m adopting a child I already foster? Can I get help with equipment costs and other financial support?

For those moving from fostering to adopting a child, we do not provide equipment costs. The financial support for foster carers adopting varies by local authority. For detailed information, discuss with your One Adoption social worker.