One Adoption Chat Podcast

Whether you're just starting to think about adopting or are already going through the process, it is likely you will have lots of questions. We feel the best people to hear from and help answer those questions, are those who are already well in to their own adoption journey. No two adoption stories are the same! 

Throughout the One Adoption Chat series we talk to real-life adopters about a wide range of topics, to help you find out what adopting is really like, from those who already have a wealth of experience. 

Episode 11 - Transracial adoption and our TRECS support group

Meet same-sex, bi-racial couple Jenni and Marilyn who adopted a a little girl who has a different heritage to them. Our wonderful social worker Shazia also joins us to talk about TRECS support group which is for people who have adopted a child who has a different religion, ethnicity or culture to them. 


Episode 10 - LGBTQ+ Adoption

In our special edition of One Adoption chat we explore LGBTQ+ adoption. 
We meet Jono and Grace who have both adopted twice with their partners. They share how they found the adoption process and what it's like being LGBTQ+ adoptive parents. 
We are also joined by One Adoption North and Humber team manager Cassy who shares how being LGBTQ+ is explored during assessment, what support you can expect and how the agency recognises and values the additional strengths being LGBTQ+ brings to being an adoptive parent. 
To clarify a point made in this episode, the Adoption and Children Act 2002 became law in December 2005, which gave same sex couples the same rights to adopt as heterosexual couples. 


Episode 9 - Adopting school-age siblings

Hear from Emma who adopted school-age siblings with her husband, and then went on to have a birth child. Emma also gives some hints and tips for helping the Christmas period go smoothly for adoptive families



Episode 8 - Adopting siblings as a single gay adopter

Listen to our latest episode to hear from Tim, a single gay man, who adopted a brother and sister two years ago. 


Episode 7 - Adopting a child with developmental needs

In this episode of One Adoption Chat we meet Nicole, who, along with her husband, adopted a little boy who had significant developmental delay. They have recently gone on to adopt his baby sister through early permanence.

Episode 6 - Adopting after IVF and adopting for a second time

In this episode we meet Amanda who started her adoption journey after initially going through IVF. Amanda also shares  how she overcame Post Adoption Depression and went on to adopt for a second time

Episode 5 - Adopting siblings, and an introduction to Seaglass collective

In our latest episode of One Adoption Chat we meet Kelly who shares her story about adopting siblings. Kelly also explains a bit about unique arts collective for adopted people and their families, which she runs and which is supported by One Adoption West Yorkshire.


Episode 4 - Adopting a child of a different heritage and supporting direct contact 

In the latest episode we meet an extraordinary young adopter called Elie who adopted a child who has a different ethnic background to herself. As well as chatting about this, we also discuss how Elie has also instigated and supported direct contact with her son's birth relatives. 


Adopting through Early Permanence - episode 3

In the final episode of our Early Permanence series we talk to Heidi and Vicky. Heidi and her husband have actually adopted through EP three times. One of the issues discussed in this episode is uncertainty, particularly around the unknowns of adopting a baby or very young child.


Adopting through Early Permanence - episode 2

In this episode we meet two couples, Mandy and Grace, and Louise and Andrew, who share what adopting through Early Permanence was like for them. We are also joined by adoption social worker Claire, for a professional's perspective on the Early Permanence route to adoption. 


Adopting through Early Permanence - episode 1

In our first One Adoption Chat episode, we talk to two adopters, Claire and Jacqui, who both adopted through Early Permanence. Claire and Jacqui share the highs and lows of this route to adoption to help others decide if it is the right route for them.