Voluntary Agencies

What is a Voluntary Adoption Agency?

Voluntary adoption agencies (VAAs) recruit, assess and approve families for children for whom adoption is the plan. They also work with local authorities to match, place and support these children with prospective adopters. VAAs in the UK provide families for around 1,000 children every year which is approximately 20 percent of all children placed for adoption in England.

All adoption agencies in England are one of two types of organisation; either they are part of a Local Authority or they are an independent Voluntary Adoption Agency (VAA). Within Yorkshire and Humber the local authority adoption agencies, voluntary adoption and voluntary support agencies have joined together to form a new regional adoption service.

The VAAs who operate within the region are working together as an Alliance and are part of the Regional Adoption Agency providing adoption services across Yorkshire and Humber.

  • Voluntary adoption agencies are usually smaller than local authorities and will focus mainly on adoption.
  • In addition to providing placement services, VAAs provide high-quality adoption support across the country.
  • VAAs also operate across the UK to match children with adopters, wherever they are needed.
  • All adoption agencies are subject to strict regulatory control and regular Ofsted inspections.

There are currently five VAAs who provide an adoption service within the Yorkshire and Humber region. The links below will give you further information on the services they provide and what to do if you want to find out more about becoming an adopter with a VAA in this area.

  • Adopters for Adoption         
  • Adoption Matters                   
  • Barnardo’s Yorkshire                
  • SSAFA               
  • Yorkshire Adoption Agency

What is an Adoption Support Agency?

Adoption Support Agencies offer a range of support to those affected by adoption, adoptive parents and families, adults adopted as children and birth families. Such support can include helplines, support groups, and counselling and therapeutic help. ASAs can also provide consultation and training to professionals working in adoption.

There are currently two ASAs who provide a post-adoption service within the Yorkshire and Humber region. The links below will give you further information about the services they provide.

  • Adoption UK                                
  • PAC UK

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