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Adoption Support Fund

Adoption support fund

As you are probably aware in May 2015 the government introduced an Adoption Support Fund for the assessment and provision of appropriate therapeutic support to adoptive families.

We thought it might be helpful if we clarified the process for accessing services via the Adoption Support Fund (see flow diagram below).

There is a ‘fair access limit’ for each adopted child which is capped at £5,000 this financial year. In addition to this there is a separate £2,500 per child if a multidisciplinary, clinical child assessment is needed. If costs exceed £5,000 families can go to their local authority to consider whether further funding is available.

It was recently announced that the Department for Education has extended the timeframe in which it aims to turn around all applications made to the fund from 5 working days to 20 days. The DfE said that the changes were "due to a high volume of applications to the Adoption Support Fund, the processes of approvals is taking longer than usual.”

We are also continuing to work with colleagues in North Yorkshire to implement an Approved Provider List across One Adoption. This enables us to directly commission specialist services from those providers who have been approved to be on the list. We now have around 60 approved providers we can access to provide specialist assessments and therapeutic interventions to families who have been assessed as needing this support.

The procurement process we have followed allows for periodic checks to be undertaken by colleagues in North Yorkshire to provide us and you with ongoing assurance that the providers possess the necessary DBS, insurance and hold the relevant credentials to undertake work on our behalf with children and families we are supporting.

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ASF flowchart

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