Could you adopt children like Brandon and Tommy

Brandon and Tommy

Hi, we are Brandon and Tommy

 We are four and two years old and our ethnicity is White European 

“We have very different personalities; but we both enjoy looking at books and playing with our toy cars” 

Here’s what other people say about us… 

Brandon is an engaging boy who likes to be helpful. He is outgoing and chatty. Brandon loves cars and can identify their makes by their badges. His favourite car is a Toyota and he has a miniature one of his own. 

Brandon is a very curious little boy. He is interested in his surroundings and likes to know how things work. He is inquisitive and asks a lot of questions about the things he sees around him. Brandon loves gardening and baking with his foster carer, his favourite food is pasta and he enjoys eating a varied diet. Brandon is good at doing jigsaws and enjoys looking at books as well as being read to. 

Brandon is keen to interact with people and can easily be engaged in playing with a variety of toys. He is a lively child and likes singing, dancing, playing with Lego, drawing and being physically active. 

Brandon attends nursery four mornings a week. He has settled well and is making friends. He can write his name and knows his colours and numbers. Nursery commented that Brandon is able to remain focused on his work when working around other children and then he likes to explain to the group what he has made. 

Brandon likes playing with his little brother and he is learning to be gentle with him. He has made good progress recently and is learning to be calmer and share his toys. 

Some details have been changed and stock images are used to protect identities.

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