Could you adopt children like Alex and Debbie

Alex and Debbie

Hi, we are Alex and Debbie

 We are three years and 18 months old and our ethnicity is White British. 

“We would like a family that loves and cares for us both” 

Here’s what other people say about us… 

Alex is an active and energetic little boy. He loves to go to the park and play on the trampoline. He loves animals, especially cats and dogs, and loves to walk the carer’s dogs. He likes swimming and loves going to the caravan at the seaside. Alex really enjoys nursery where he has made some good friends. He is very sociable and enjoys the company of other children. 

Alex has an excellent appetite, he likes roast dinners and fruit and vegetables. He sleeps soundly and has an established routine which he likes. He always wakes up happy. 

Alex is meeting all of his developmental milestones. He loves to play and demonstrates good concentration and imagination. Playing on his scooter is one of his favourite activities. 

Alex is an affectionate child, especially with his little sister, and has developed a strong attachment to his foster carer. She describes him as: “a happy, jolly little boy. He is affectionate and loving, and loves being cuddled.” Alex is very protective of his little sister Debbie. 

Alex’s birth mother consumed alcohol during pregnancy which might affect his development and learning in the future. 

Some details have been changed and stock images are used to protect identities.

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