Could you adopt a child like Zoe


Hi, my name is Zoe

I am 10 months old and my ethnicity is White British

“I love bath time and playing with my wooden blocks”

Here’s what other people say about me…

Zoe is a petite girl with blue eyes and red hair. She is placid and easy-going, and has a smile ready for everyone she meets. She has a good routine, sleeping 12 hours a night and having a nap during the day too.

She enjoyed her bottle as a baby and the weaning process has been difficult for her. She still prefers blended baby food and finds it hard to cope with lumps, but her foster carer is making progress with her. She is starting to try different tastes and textures.

Zoe is making good progress with her development, but she is a little behind in some areas.

She finds it difficult to sit unsupported for any length of time and can only roll over to one side. It could be that her muscle tone is not strong enough and this may improve as she gets older.

Zoe has been in foster care since she was born. While she was pregnant Zoe’s birth mother took cocaine and drank alcohol and as a result Zoe was born with neo-natal abstinence syndrome.

She was given medication to help her cope with withdrawal symptoms and spent the first three weeks of her life in hospital. As soon as she was discharged Zoe went to live with her foster parents and she is still living with them today.

Some details have been changed and stock images are used to protect identities.

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