Could you adopt a child like Vladimir


Hi, my name is Vladimir

I am two years old and my ethnicity is Eastern European

“I love singing and dancing”

Here’s what other people say about me…

Vladimir is a beautiful little boy who has big green eyes, light brown hair and a beaming smile.

He is an outgoing little boy with an inquisitive nature.

Vladimir has a bubbly, happy personality and is independent. He is a sociable and engaging child who enjoys interacting and laughing with other people.

Vladimir has a cheeky personality and likes peekaboo and making funny faces. He is a confident boy who likes walking, running, jumping and going swimming. He can count to 10, speaks very well using four-to-five words together and uses Makaton signs.

Vladimir recognises animals and makes their sounds. He is learning his colours through play and his favourite colour is blue. Vladimir joins in action songs and loves to dance. He likes looking at books and will sit and watch children’s TV programmes; his favourite is ‘In the Night Garden’.

Vladimir can play independently for around 30 minutes. His favourite toys are his garage, cars, his toy kitchen, peg boards, shape sorter, a push chair and doll. He also likes his toy animals and his Duplo train set.

Vladimir loves being outside in the garden throwing and kicking a ball, playing in the sand pit, using the climbing frame and riding his scooter to the park.

Vladimir is in a good routine and eats well. He is sociable, plays well alongside other children and regularly attends toddler groups.

Some details have been changed and stock images are used to protect identities.

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