Could you adopt a child like Daniel


Hi, my name is Daniel

 I am 10 months old and my ethnicity is White British/Eastern European 

“I love looking at myself in the mirror” 

Here’s what other people say about me… 

Daniel has fair hair and big blue eyes. Daniel is a placid child who rarely cries. He smiles a lot and will giggle when his foster carers are playing with him. Daniel has developed confidence while in his foster placement and likes to engage others in play. He likes physical affection and will seek cuddles from his carer. 

Daniel is a content little boy. He is not yet walking and prefers to roll or crawl to get around. He can turn over from back to front and vice versa. Daniel loves to crawl at a very fast pace but his spatial awareness gets him into sticky situations. He has been known to get himself stuck between furniture and he will then babble for assistance. Daniel likes to explore his surroundings; he likes sounds, movement and interaction. He loves it when people sing songs to him and he will react with smiles. This appears to settle Daniel. 

Daniel loves looking at himself in the mirror especially whilst lying under his play gym. He adores toys that make noises. Daniel likes to explore objects using his mouth so he needs to be well supervised. 

Daniel enjoys milk and he loves to eat porridge. Daniel had a tongue tie which has now been corrected. He used to struggle with lumpy food but is slowly making progress. He has made good development with weaning, it was initially a difficult journey but Daniel has made good progress. 

Some details have been changed and stock images are used to protect identities.

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