Could you adopt a child like Amy


Hi, my name is Amy

I am two years old and my ethnicity is White British

“I am an energetic little girl and enjoy playing with my toys”

Here’s what other people say about me…

Amy has fine blonde hair, grey eyes and a lovely smile. She enjoys spending time in the garden and going to the park, although she doesn’t like going down the slide!

Amy likes to watch some television programmes, especially Peppa Pig and In the Night Garden. She has just started sitting still long enough to look at books and this is something that her foster carers are encouraging.

Amy came into foster care when she was 12 months old and still lives with the same foster carers. She has a good relationship with all family members, although at times she can test their patience!

Amy’s development was delayed when she first came into foster care. She has made a great deal of progress in the last 12 months and she is meeting all developmental milestones. She is standing without support and showing signs that she is about to start taking her first steps.

Amy responds well to a clear routine and clear boundary. She found it difficult at first to sleep on her own in her cot but with some patience and perseverance from her foster carers this has improved. However, even now, Amy can sometimes get upset and needs to be comforted during the night.

Generally Amy is a healthy little girl. She is getting more adventurous with her diet and is starting to try new things. Her favourite foods are Weetabix, pasta and yoghurts. When Amy lived with her birth family she experienced a very unsettled lifestyle, with a number of different people caring for her.

She may have also witnessed domestic violence and adults abusing drugs and alcohol. Although these early experiences have affected Amy and how she copes with situations, her carers say she has made a lot of progress. They think Amy will continue to thrive if the move to live with her adoptive family is dealt with sensitively.

Contact arrangements: Amy will have annual letter box contact with her birth parents.

Some details have been changed and stock images are used to protect identities.

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