Yorkshire Adoption Agency has been specialising in adoption since 1946.  We are based in Doncaster and work in all regions from North Yorkshire to Leicestershire.

We find families for children who are ‘Looked After’ by Local Authorities.  We also specialise in Inter Country Adoption.  We know that children should have a family who is able to meet their individual needs, so adoptive families cannot all be the same!  We therefore welcome your enquiry.

There are few barriers to adoption so please contact our experienced team for:

  • A speedy and friendly response to your enquiry
  • As much information as you need
  • An invitation to our twice monthly information meetings or an individual information appointment if you prefer

We recognise that our families may need help at different times so provide:

  • Lifelong bespoke support
  • Access to specialist services when needed

We also have Training and Social Events for our families and opportunities for our adopters and children to have a “Voice” in developing the Agency and future of adoption.