About PAC-UK

PAC-UK is the country’s largest independent Adoption Support Agency. From offices in London and Leeds we reach out to families and professionals from the Scottish borders to the south coast.

Family Action and PAC-UK formally merged on Saturday 1 December 2018. Read the full press release here.

Our vision is that all those affected by adoption, Special Guardianship and other forms of permanent care are supported and enabled to live their lives to the full. We have built our expertise over a 30 year period, starting out as Post-Adoption Centre in 1986. In recent years we have combined with other specialist providers – After Adoption Yorkshire (AAY) and Adoption UK – to produce a more robust organisation with a wider reach and a more comprehensive range of services.

Entering adoption, Special Guardianship or another permanent placement is an important step forward in a child’s life. At PAC-UK we understand that this is the beginning of a life-long journey, not just for the child, but also for the adoptive/permanent care family and the birth family left behind. Our support extends to all these groups, and includes adults adopted as children who continue to find difficulties arising on their own life journey. We also offer advice to professionals working with these families in different contexts – in particular adoption social workers, school teachers and virtual school staff.

We offer the following key services:

  • Advice Line staffed by qualified and experienced PAC-UK counsellors who can provide advice and information on all aspects of adoption and other forms of permanent care;
  • A range of Adopted Adult Services for adults adopted or otherwise permanently placed as children, including advice, counselling, access to adoption records, searching and intermediary services;
  • Birth Parent & Birth Relatives Service providing a range of advice, counselling, intermediary services and groups for birth parents and other birth relatives;
  • Child & Family Service offering support, counselling and therapy to adoptive families or those with a permanently placed child, including Special Guardians and Kinship Carers;
  • An Education Service working with children, parents and schools to improve the educational experience of adopted/permanently-placed children;
  • Training Service offering a comprehensive training programme focussing on topics specific to adoption and permanent placement. Some of these workshops and seminars are for professionals only, and some are specifically for parents and carers.

We have partnerships with 76 local authorities stretching from Northumberland and York in the north to Haringey and West Sussex in the south; and in total more than 100 local authorities benefit from our expertise every year.

PAC-UK brings together a multi-disciplinary team of more than 100 staff and volunteers with an extensive range of skills and expertise in working therapeutically with children, adoptive families, other permanent carers, adopted adults and birth parents.

We are proud to have been selected, in May 2017, as overall winner in the King’s Fund/GSK Impact Awards 2017, for ‘Supporting Excellence in Community Health Care’. We were complimented on ‘working creatively in a challenging environment’ as well as for ‘providing cutting edge interventions’.

PAC-UK was rated Outstanding by Ofsted in 2017.